Company History

Ben Wells, President of WRD, launched the company in 1996, after working in engineering and management at Polaroid, Teradyne and Reflection Technology. WRD began as a consulting firm, solving optical design, test, and fabrication problems for clients. Mr. Wells holds 14 US patents, and has received numerous industry awards.

Responding to a recurring demand from clients, in 2002 Mr. Wells introduced the first OpticStudio™ instrument, the OS100. The OS100 was exclusively distributed in the ThorLabs catalog, an arrangement that continued through the third quarter of 2005.

In 2006 the OpticStudio™ line was expanded to include additional instruments, as well as systems targeted at specific markets. Distribution in the US is now handled directly by WRD. Overseas sales are handled by local representatives.

Wells Research Inc is now a Trioptics Company. According to Ben Wells, President of Wells Research,

"Trioptics customers will benefit from an expanded US presence and a wider range of available solutions. Our own customers will benefit from the strong technical and financial backing of Trioptics, the global leader in optical testing. We will continue to operate independently, and will continue to provide the same innovate products for which we have become known."

At Wells Research we aim to simplify optical testing, from our intuitive, easy to learn PixelScope™ image analysis software to small details like our unique kinematic lens mounts. Our products include:

  • Optical Benches for testing lenses and optical modules. From clear apertures of 125 mm down to 160 microns, we cover the full range of visible and NIR optical components.
  • Product Test Stations for specific industries, which include:
    • Test stations for various military weapon sights, including night vision devices.
    • Test stations for sport optics, including riflescopes, spotting telescopes and binoculars.
    • Test stations for face shields and optical goggles.
    • Test stations for medical intra-ocular lens research.
    • Alignment stations for glass and plastic optics assembly.
  • Custom Test and Alignment Stations: Our comprehensive suite of modular instruments permits us to provide customer-specific test stations that are robust, maintainable, and cost effective.
  • Individual Optical Instruments: Need to incorporate a unique test setup into your own manufacturing line or lab? Why reinvent the wheel? We can supply complete instruments like Autocollimators and Image Analysis Microscopes, as well as lower level components such as high-uniformity back-lit targets.

Why Choose WellsResearch

Intuitive and easy to use
We want you to be able to unpack and set up your OpticStudio™ system in fifteen minutes, and to be making measurements in another fifteen after that. Customers tell us we’ve succeeded and that our software is exceptionally easy to use.

Accurate and dependable
A measurement isn’t much good if you don’t know whether to trust it. Each OpticStudio™ system includes hardware for verifying the performance of the complete image analysis path. For example: while our systems make fully automatic MTF measurements, they also allow you to measure the contrast of a three-bar target. Getting the same measurement through two completely separate methods gives you confidence that both are correct.

Our systems include both hardware and software, often at a fraction of the price of competitive equipment. How is this possible? This is the fifth generation of optical test equipment we’ve designed, and we’ve figured out how to build equipment that is deceptively simple, yet powerful. We’ve worked hard to eliminate the WIBNI’s that look good in a brochure, but add thousands of dollars to the system cost. Optic Studio™’s low price is an obvious benefit, but perhaps more important is that OpticStudio™ is simple and easy to master.

Some of our systems (such as the OS200B) can test a wide range of lenses and modules. Other systems are targeted at a narrow range of lenses. However, because all our systems are part of the OpticStudio™ family, they can be upgraded to include additional capability at a later date.

Systems can be used as-is, or the individual components can be used to create in-house setups. Our customers have told us that OpticStudio™ is like a Lego™ set for optical engineers. We supply the building blocks, but what you can build is limited only by your vision and creativity.