Wells has responded to the needs of many optics-related industries over the past 16 years. In many cases we have developed standard solutions to address recurring testing needs. As a result we've developed a good understanding of the requirements and challenges of these specific industries.





Test stations for various military weapon sights, including night vision devices

We have worked with many customers to design stations for testing to specific MIL specs. These include Night vision devices such as PVS-7 and PVS-14, night vision accessories, binoculars, rifle-scopes and new weapon sights still in development. Because of ITAR restrictions we do not place descriptions of these systems in the public domain.

Test stations for sport optics, including rifle-scopes, spotting telescopes and binoculars

These applications share a common characteristic: Testing is done looking into an eyepiece, to view an image which may or may not be precisely focused at infinity. Test requirements include image quality, magnification, collimation, image rotation, parallax, diopter power, and spectral transmission.

Binocular Test Station Data Sheet »
Rifle-Scope Test Station Data Sheet »

White Paper on Visual Telescopic Devices »



Stations for testing face shields and optical goggles to ISO and NBS specs

Our systems with a manual focus knob are capable of measuring diopter power with a repeatability of 0.003 diopter, while our automated systems feature a remarkable repeatability of 0.0001 diopter. Systems are available with a conventional lens holder, or with a “headform” for conformance to ISO requirements. Measurements

Test stations for medical intra-ocular- lens research

Intra-ocular lens testing introduces unusual constraints: Lenses must be tested in an aqueous solution, and tests may require tip/tilt and decentration adjustments not usually required for other lenses. We can supply complete systems or component instruments for integration into your own assembly line.

IOL Test Station Data Sheet »



Alignment stations for glass and plastic optics assembly

Many of our customers have requested dedicated fixtures for specific lens assemblies. In addition to the test capabilities of our standard optical benches, requirements have included setting diopter focus to a specific value, adjusting lateral lens location for minimum enslitted energy, and measuring BFL / FFL, to mention just a few.