Wells has responded to the needs of many industries over the past 16 years. Often we construct “custom” test sets using optical instruments, mechanical hardware, and software that we have on the shelf. At other times, we have addressed the needs of customers who have asked us to develop test equipment starting from a 'clean sheet of paper'.

Some interesting challenges include:
Custom Metrology Instruments

  • Measuring the radius of a small indentation whose design radius was 8 meters.
  • Measuring fog resistance of goggles and face shields with a warm water bath per ISO spec.
  • Measuring diopter focus of a night vision calibration device, difficult because the light output was far too low to detect with any conventional camera.
  • Measuring image quality and focus setting of a proprietary optical system with a repeatability of 0.000 025 diopters.
  • Measuring image quality of dental and surgical “loupe” eyeglass mounted telescopes.
  • Measuring inhomogeneity of molded optical blanks.
  • Designing auto-focus mechanism for a holographic memory storage device.
  • Precision measuring of micro-pits on a reticle, with pit size of only 2 microns.
  • Designing various sub-stage illumination systems.
  • Precision measuring of sub-micron line width.
  • Designing system for precise alignment of holographic optical devices.
  • Designing process for producing extremely inexpensive glass roof-prism mirror assemblies with sub arc-minute accuracy.
  • Measuring sub micro-radian angle.
  • Developing various lens holders/manipulators for specific customer requirements.