Why test optical components?

  • Lenses from catalogs often don’t live up to the performance implied by the specs or by the prescription.
  • Custom-made lenses don’t always live up to the Monte-Carlo simulation runs.
  • Lenses from different batches don’t always match each other.

Wells Research lens benches give you the quantitative insight needed to make critical engineering, manufacturing and business decisions.


  • A range of benches to cover almost any lens that operates in visible light.
  • Sophisticated, state of the art optical measurements. Systems include hardware to perform self-validation.
  • Modular hardware reconfigures to take on the testing tasks of today and tomorrow.
  • Powerful, easy to learn PixelScope™ image analysis software.
  • Solutions for every budget.

ImageMaster® Compact

Compact and fully motorized MTF Test Station for use in prototype and small serial production. ImageMaster® Compact is capable of accurately measuring a wide range of smaller lenses and optical assemblies.


ImageMaster Compact

The standard instrument is configured for testing optical systems with object at infinity. A motorized pivot arm with measurement head and sample holder rotates to quickly generate reliable on- and off-axis measurements.

Model OS400-10Lens Bench

A manual bench, designed for testing relatively large lenses at infinite conjugates. The optical path consists of a collimator, the lens under test, and a microscope to view the image.


Optical Bench

For lenses with focal length up to 200 mm the bench is usually set up as shown above. For lenses with long focal length or large chief ray angle, the OS-400-10 can also be set up as a “Nodal bench.” In that configuration the lens pivots, while the microscope remains fixed.

Model OS400-20Lens Bench

The OS-400-20 is a manual bench, designed for testing relatively small lenses at infinite conjugates. The optical path consists of a back-lit, non-recessed reticle, the lens under test, and a video telescope.


WellsResearch Optical Bench

This configuration is especially well suited for very fast lenses, with no microscope to limit the NA.
  • Is not limited to lenses with small chief ray angles.
  • All non-negative BFL lenses can be tested.
  • Makes it easy to test oil and water immersion lenses.

Model OS400-50Lens Bench

The OS-400-50 is a high performance optical bench, optimized to meet the needs of testing riflescopes, binoculars and spotting scopes for optical systems.


WellsResearch Riflescope Bench

Tests Performed: On & off-axis MTF, 3-bar contrast, Through-focus MTF, Magnification & Zoom magnification, Distortion, Field curvature in diopter, Reticle Parameters, Astigmatism, Parallax, Field of view (FOV) (objective & subjective), and much more. See Data Sheet for details.